CDD positions of the observed fields

COROT LEGACY DAY 30 september 2016

Videos :
A selection of CoRoT LC
Video for CoRoT_day

COROTDAY : Presentations

The CoRoT SagaAnnie Baglin
Memories of CoRoTThien Lam Trong
Short stories from behind the lens...Laurent Boisnard
End of a mission well livedChristophe Donny
The wonderful story of the CoRoT operations and correction pipelinesSylviane Chaintreuil & Marc Ollivier
Archiving and DistributionHervé Ballans, Fredéric Baudin & others
Ground based observations archiveCilia Damiani
CoRoT main contributions to exoplanet scienceMagali Deleuil
Star-planet interactionsAntonino Francesco Lanza
The new Milky Way: CoRoT Legacy in the era of GaiaCristina Chiappini
The CHEOPS MissionAndrea Fortier
Science with CHEOPSRoi Alonso
PLATO ... is part of CoRoT legacyClaude Catala
PLATO 2.0 : present statusHeike Rauer
PLATO Data Processing AlgorithmsReza Samadi
What Next?Artie P. Hatzes

updated 17/10/2016